Courses. Professional Scuba offers courses from Open Water for beginners that have no experience whatsoever - up to the highest ratings in the dive industry. Classes are offered at several locations in the County and start weekly.

Unlike other shops that offer classes in a classroom with 2-3 pool sessions, we offer classes right at the pool and allow you as many pool sessions as you need to become comfortable in the water and the gear. We also allow you to try out several different types of equipment to find the right gear for YOU before you buy.

We specialize in those folks that may have a hard time learning some of the skills needed for this sport. Our instructors are experienced and patient and work with both children and adults.

There are many different types of courses available:

PADI Scuba Courses
Courses Reqd Dives
Open Water None 4
First Responder None0
Advanced Open WaterOpen9
Rescue DiverMedic6
Master Scuba DiverAdvv
PADI DiveMasterMstv

PADI Scuba Specialty Courses
Equipment SpecialistScuba -
Boat DiverOpen2
Propulsion VehicleOpen2
Drift DiverOpen2
Ice Diver Open2
Multilevel DiverOpen2
Night DiverOpen3
Peak Perf. BuoyancyOpen2
Search and RecoveryOpen4
U/W NaturalistOpen2
U/W NavigatorOpen3
U/W PhotographerOpen2
U/W VideographerOpen3
Deep DiverAdv4
Wreck DiverAdv4